PantherHack Spring 2019

Welcome to our first hackathon! A place of caffeine-fueled, high energy, and high-intensity events, where coders of all skill levels come together to build teams, come up with ideas and bring those ideas to life, in the span of 24 hours. Our event will take place at the CMII building on March 9th - 10th. We welcome participants from all type of backgrounds and experience levels!

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$1,760 in prizes

1st Place - Nintendo Switch

2nd Place - BeatsX Earphones

3rd Place - Echo Dot

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Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Make sure your idea is original. If someone has done it before then find a way to do it differently.
  • Form < Functionality
    Although having a great looking solution is a big plus, the functionality of your solution is key to your success at PantherHack.
  • Impact
    Technology is an incredible tool but what good is a tool if it doesn't benefit the user. Make sure your solution clearly benefits a group of people. The more people your technology impacts the more useful it is.